My name is Mike Blaszczak, and I race my BMW 325is in car clubs here in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. I'm active in the Sports Car Club of America and International Conference of Sports Car Clubs--the SCCA and ICSCC, for short.

After attending a few races, I noticed that there were people who named their teams. Some had serious sponsors, while others apparently chose a name that amused them. Obviously, I went the latter route. I wanted to choose something that reflected my approach to racing.

My wife's name is Liz. Since all of my racing funds come straight from her jewelry budget, I figured it would be appropriate to give Liz a nod when naming the team. So we settled on Screwy Lizard Racing!

This web site intends to chronicle my racing efforts for my own reminiscence (after a while, all the race weekends tend to blur together). I also want it to reflect my approach to racing: fun, irreverent, and maybe a little bit satirical. If something you read here seems overly serious, it's really just poking fun at any hobbyist effort that has boiled over into an overly ambitious waste of money.

When I go to races, I sometimes see drivers who are frustrated and angry. They argue rules, feel threatened by other drivers, and aren't having much fun. If you ask me, the truly successful might not have been at the track season after season, but they are certainly keeping things in perspective. Chip Ganassi isn't going to call any of us to say a contract is on its way by Federal Express. For most of us, financial rewards, magazine interviews, and all the other trimmings just aren't in the cards. So we can't lose sight of what we will get from racing: some new friends, and a challenge that tests our mettle and personalities. But most importantly, some tire bubblin', needle peggin', fun.

Enough editorial rambling! I hope you enjoy the site. Here, you'll find my race results, lots of pictures, some suspension tuning advice, a few race videos, and some information about the BMW E36-body cars. If you'd like to be notified of Screwy Lizard Racing events and progress, please sign up for the Friends of Screwy Lizard Racing list on the contact page. If you think there's anything I can do for you, don't hesitate to write to us at website@screwylizardracing.com.


Mike Blaszczak
Screwy Lizard Racing