I hope you enjoy looking at cars as much as I do. I love to take pictures myself, but when there's a automobile around, it seems like I'm just too busy to release the shutter. You can click on any of the iconic views to see a full-sized image.

Mark refinished the front end again, this time adding a stripe to match the decal work around the deck of the car. What an awesome job!
Here's Taryn, laughing at one of Carlo's suggestions.
Beaux and Dave at Sign-A-Rama in Woodinville worked all day on Thursday to get the new graphics on the back of the car. The lizard looks awesome, and the green skirt on the bottom makes the car pop off the pavement!
If I think racing is all about my friends, why don't I have more pictures of them up here? Carlo is the first victim. I couldn't get him to sit still long enough to take a good shot, so here he is in his natural state of maintenance.
Mark Cockle re-worked the rear-end of the car this year. He hid the facotry gas flap, installed new motor and tranny mounts, and refinished the car completely starting at about the middle of the doors. It's like new!
My dash is installed! I drilled-out Mark's panel for my switches, gauges, and indicator lamps. Everything works great, except for a tiny oil leak at the stock oil pressure switch for the idiot light. Maybe a replacing the switch will fix it; otherwise, I'll plug the hole since my pressure sender has an idiot light of its own.
Mark Cockle at MC Automotive in North Bend refinished the front end. It took quite a beating last season; almost was nothing was straight -- but after Mark got done, the Lizard is in great shape!
I also had Mark fabricate a panel to replace the stock center console trim. I'll put toggle switches in here for the hazard lights, windows, and my transponder. Once that's done, I'll add oil temperature and pressure gauges.
While waiting around in grid with Miki, Carlo snapped a picture of us. I'm pretty sure the only reason he took this shot was because my fly was open.
Bustin' Out Before all the artwork was done, Tom Matthews caught me bustin' out of Turn Eight at Pacific Raceways.
Turn Nine

Through Turn Nine at Pacific Raceways. This is another Tom Matthews photo.

Turn Nine

The simple stuff makes a huge difference! I bolted this pole to my trailer bed, and now I can carry four tires flat on the trailer. I've freed-up a bunch of room inside the truck, with no welding!

Screwy Lizard Debut Kim Hiskey worked against some really mean computers in order to get the Screwy Lizard Logo on the the car. Miki Haraguchi's design looks stunning on the nose of the Screwy Lizard Racing BMW 325is!
The engine is internally completely stock, but features a free-flow exhaust and a very open air intake.
Fuel Safe The stock fuel tank has been removed. A fuel cell is mounted in the trunk, which protects the fuel load in a metal box. The box contains a rubber bladder filled with foam, which helps control fuel spillage even if the
Cockpit The car's interior is almost completely stripped. No trim pieces remain, though parts of the stock dash are still visible. Nothing left is flammable, and the removal of trim pieces (and their sound proofing and padding) contribute substantially to the weight savings.
Miki and Kim helped me design a really cool graphics setup. The front view here is still missing the lizard logo, but I'm ready to race with the rest of my regalia. Miki Haraguci photos
Numbers The side of the car features my numbers, the "regular lizards" tagline, and my class numbers. Miki Haraguci photo