Race weekends are busy. On a good weekend, there's just a whole lot of waiting. On most weekends though, there's a ton of things to do. When the waiting is over, everything's got to be just right!

There's plenty of advertising space on the car. If you'd like to have your logo appear someplace on the race car, drop me a line and we can work out a deal that could put your name or the name of your company on the car at more than ten races in the northwest every year!

If an outright advertising sponsorship seems too aggressive, remember that I'm a consumer. Race car drivers buy lots of different products and use a variety of services. If you can offer me a discount on your product or service, I can offer you an advertising opportunity.

Racing is tough on equipment, and while my BMW has been quite reliable, sometimes things break. On some weekends, a job that's easy and quick for an experienced mechanic might be beyond my skill level. And that job just might make the difference between putting the car on the trailer and running the race.

If you're a mechanic looking to make some money on the weekends, please consider being on call for my team. I'm open to almost any arrangement you'd like to make -- as long as I can afford it, of course! Please write and let me know how you might help.

If you think we can build a relationship, don't hesitate to write to me. You'll find my email address on the Contacts page.