Mike Blaszczak was born in Schenectady, New York. He moved with his family to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mike attended elementary school in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. He and his parents lived in Tokyo, Japan, for more than four years. After returning to the United States, Mike spent two years at Gateway Junior High School in Monroeville before moving to Hartford, Connecticut.

Mike attended the University of Hartford part-time and earned a few dozen credits towards a Computer Science/Math degree before deciding to pursue a full-time career in the computer industry. Mike moved to the Seattle area in 1993, and now resides in Sammamish, Washington.

Mike is married to Liz, who inspired the "Screwy Lizard" name.

His parents are retired near Orlando, Florida. Mike's mother, Pat, volunteers at the local YMCA. His father, Ted, retired from Westinghouse Electric in 1998 and builds model ships and does woodworking projects in his spare time. His brother John is a dentist practicing in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Mike's sister Deborah works for a medical diagnostic equipment company in New York state.

In his spare time, Mike enjoys music and photography.


After working at Microsoft for almost fifteen years as a software developer, on on Microsoft's enterprise database management software, SQL Server and the company's Visual C++ programming tools, Mike resigned to take a position at Valve Software in Bellevue. He has written several editions of a book about programming C++ using Microsoft tools and platforms, has written numerous magazine articles and contributed chapters to four other books, as well as acting as technical editor for several other titles.

Mike has presented done several conference talks for audiences larger than 1500 people including the keynote talks at The Visual C++ Developers Conferences in Amsterdam, Holland and Yokohoama, Japan in addition to dozens of smaller sessions at various conferences throughout the 1990s.


In 1995, Mike purchased a used '93 Mazda RX-7. Realizing the car was far more performant than its new driver, Mike attended Don Kitch's ProFormance Race School at Seattle International Raceway.

Mike became active in the Puget Sound BMW club's track program after purchasing a 1997 BMW M3 coupe, and attended numerous driver's education days. After purchasing a new Porsche Carrera 4 coupe in 1999, Mike again attended the ProFormance school and began lapping with the school and at Porsche Club track events.

After attending the Bondurant Grand-Prix Road Racing Course in 2000 and the ProFormance school's two-day SCCA licensing program the same summer, Mike was invited to become an instructor at ProFormance.

Mike has acted as a driving instructor for both the Porsche Club's Pacific Northwest Region and the IRDC. Combining SCCA and ICSCC races, Mike's experience includes has more than eighty club racing starts and fifteen hours of endurance race seat time.

In the 2003 Season, Mike won the C Production class championship in International Conference of Sports Car Clubs. Entering the last race of the season, he was also tied for championship points in the ITS class but was not able to earn the title and finished second to a driver who had been racing for more than fifteen years.

Mike finished the season by joining the TC Motorsports team for the 8 Hours of the Cascades Endurance race at Portland in October of 2003. Carlo Sparacio supplied his 1983 Mazda RX-7 and entered the car in the P2 class. Mike contributed a two-hour stint and worked with three other drivers as the team finished seventh overall and fifth in class.

In the 2004 Season, Mike again won the C Production class championship and finished second in the ITS class. He attended all 12 races of the year, and had scored more points in his two classes than any other driver in all of Conference. Mike participated in the 8 Hours of the Cascades with TC Motorsports and finished 3rd in the P3 class, driving Jon Ament's car with Jon, Chris Romney, and Ralf Paul.

Mike again drove with TC Motorsports in the NASA-sanctioned 25 Hours of Thunderhill in 2004, running Carlo Sparacio's car with Carlo, Taryn Sparacio, Chris Romney, and Sean Hester. The team finished 3rd of 23 cars in class, and 11th of 59 entries overall.

In 2005, Mike again finished second in points for ITS and first in points for C Production. Mike served as the points keeper for the ICSCC championship series and attended all twelve races in the championship season for both classes. He finished all but one race, suffering a blown engine caused by a failed wrist pin. He ran the 8-hour Cascade Enduro with Mark Cockle and Bruce Boyd of Sammamish Racing in Bruce's Miata, placing sixth of 18 cars in the P3 class and eleventh overall of 42 cars.

Crowing a spectacular season, Mike was awarded the ICSCC Driver of the Year trophy for 2005.

Mike set the race lap record of 1:40.668 in C Production at Pacific Raceways on May 22, 2005. On September 4, 2005, Mike set the lap record of 1:23.538 in C Production at Rivers Edge in Mission.